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the olympic park in london. coming up, britain gives more than $7 million in equipment to be syria rebels. >> it is important to help prepare for the day after president assad. this is a doomed regime. >> a stake in a vote is being held for ghanna's late for-- ghana's late president. open swimming is starting in london. the only world record so far has been set by the canyon. what makes the east african -- kenyan. what makes the east africans so dominant? >> hello and welcome to london live from the bbc. it is day 14 of the london olympic games. there earned just two games of competition left. the mint's open water swimming has just gotten underway. the-the men's open waters women open water's swimming has gotten underway. but first, britain has announced $7 million in non- legal aid to the syrian opposition. the foreign secretary described syria's government as doomed and denied suggestions that britain was bypassing the authority of the united nations. >> our assistance does not include legal assistance. we will be careful to whom we provide be practical help i have mentioned. all of th
." >> the next games will be held in four games time, said london had set a great example. he's now taking the olympic flag back to his city. the curtain closed on the games with a star-studded music ceremony in the main olympic stadium. >> after the warm welcome and embrace of london 2012, a slightly bizarre sendoff. heathrow created a games terminal to help the international troops of thousands but tired athletes heading home. >> for me i just thought about all the work that i put into it, that my teammates put into it and thinking about all the people that helped us get here. it's such a special thing to look at this. i know everybody always says this is what it's worth, this is what it's worth what we've sacrificed and what every athlete has put in here just to be here is amazing. for me, that's why this is so special. >> but for the last night party, a closing ceremony, the athletes in the olympic stadium were really the supporting cast. one direction, madness, the pet shop boys and others kicked off the wonderful symphony. annie lennox provided the most memorizeing entrance and the s
months away. "nightly news" from london just 18 months away. "nightly news" from london begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. from the international broadcast center here in london's olympic park, it's a huge night of celebration here where the summer games will draw to a soaring and high-spirited finish with the much-anticipated closing ceremony. but while things here are winding down, back home the race for president is winding up in earnest. as mitt romney and his newly appointed running mate congressman paul ryan on the road hoping to keep the momentum going from yesterday's surprise announcement. but as the new gop duo try to seize the debate and frame their attack on the president democrats and team obama framing their own critical narrative about the ryan pick. our political team is in place. nbc's ron mott is traveling with the romney ticket an joining us from wisconsin outside milwaukee. ron? >> reporter: hey there, lester. good evening to you. yesterday, of course, voters awoke to the news that mitt romney had selected wisconsin congr
london tomorrow. >>> today at 4:00, a 17-year-old east bay mother and her 2-month-old child kidnapped. new dales on the manhunt for the suspect and the victims and how you can help. >>> then, kicking for gold, the bay area is buzzing as cal and stanford alum try to power the u.s. women's soccer team to a gold medal. see how the bay area cheers on its local stars in an on-field battle against japan. all coming up today at 4:00 on nbc bay area. >>> america's golden girls, bay area athletes claimed gold on the field, in the pool and in the sand. live reports from the south bay and london where a northern california gold rush is on. >> don't you think rate-payers have a right to know how you're spending their money? >> a major local utility company wants to raise your rates and executives won't explain how they're spending your money. the nbc bay area investigative unit demands answers. >>> good afternoon. i'm janelle wang. >> i'm jessica aguirre. we're on with you a little earlier than usual because of the olympics. >> and nbc bay area news will begin right after daytime olympic coverage
rogers is live in london with the very latest and a good late evening to you, phil. >> good evening, janelle and jessica. we do have another athlete who has failed his drug test. but this time it is an american and this time he admits his mistake. another first for the london olympics in team usa, but not the kind organizers wanted. american judo competitor nicholas delpopolo stripped of his credentials. he's the first athlete here in london to fail a post competition drug test. delpopolo said he unknowingly ate food laced with marijuana before the games began. the u.s. picked up another bronze medal today, matt emmons in the 50 meter three position shooting. and u.s. hurdles sensation lolo jones won her first heat in the hurdles seeking redemption after her stomachible in b her stumble in beijing. >> it is hurdles, it is fair game. got to get over all ten. that's what i love about t don't ever bet on the hurdles. it is a terrible thing to bet on. >> tossing a bottle at a track meet is not a good idea either. but that alleged move landed a 34-year-old man in court today after it nea
captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> on this saturday night from london history in the making. michael phelps goes for gold one final time plus the youngest member of the u.s. team makes a big splash and the blade runner sees his olympic dreams come true. >>> a dangerous mix of heat and wildfires torched dozens of homes. all eyes on earnesto. "nbc nightly news" from london begins now. >> this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt reporting tonight from the olympic summer games in london. >> good evening from olympic park. a look at olympic stadium here bathed in colored lights. they are calling this supersaturday here. medals are being awarded in 25 events including at the aquatics centre where a short time ago michael phelps swam what he says is the last game of his career. and missy franklin tried to win another medal. in case you are waiting for tonight's prime time coverage we are about to spend the next couple of minutes telling you about what happened here today. let's bring in chris jansing with a historic night. >> the crowds have been huge. the mood abs
>>> on our broadcast tonight from london the epic drought across the u.s. has gotten so bad the government says half of the counties in america are now disaster areas. >>> inside syria in the midst of the fighting with the rebels as they come under attack by the regime. >>> also the fight over women's health and religious freedom as more of the health care law kicks in. and here at the olympics a new scandal as athletes get caught and called out for playing to move. >>> the mayor of london gets stuck over the crowd. nightly news from london begins now. >>> this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams reporting tonight from the olympic summer games in london. >>> good evening from this global gathering here in london where tonight as quickly we turn our sights back to the united states specifically the tripling and historic drought we are in the midst of and the news that came out just today a new and official u.s. government measure of just how bad it is and how much it is going to impact us. we begin with our chief environmentalta affairs correspondent, an thompson. >> re
. >>> today, we begin with a tragic accident at the olympic games. a london media shuttle hit and killed a cyclist just outside the olympic park. a witness said the bus and the cyclist were turning left at the very same corner when the accident happened. the london ambulance and helicopter service attended to the victim. immediate indication, the victim is an athlete but they haven't been identified yesterday >>> now, to allegations of cheating. eight female badminton players, china and two from indonesia have been thrown out of the games for allegedly trying to throw matches in an attempt to get a more favorable slot in the next round. a disciplinary hearing including to investigate the players, which included the reigning world champions from china. they said in a statement, the olympians violated the code of conduct for not using one's best effort to win a match. several countries have lodged official protests against these athletes. >> i think it was clear or potentially clear from the matches that there had been some possibility of tanking. >> this is unsportsmanlike behavior. peopl
photos, but first, on to london. good evening, i'm diane dwyer. there was heartbreak and celebration at the games this sunday. we'll hear from bay area athletes who are breathing a sigh of relief. but you may be surprised to hear from some of the athletes jumping on for bolt band wagon as well. good morning to you raj. >> reporter: good morning from london, hustle and bustle on this monday. a lot of people happy in the olympic city, the brits are happy, team usa had a great weekend. but how about the fastest man in the world? the big ticket item. listen, two million people applied for the big ticket event, only 80 thousand lucky enough to get them. the men's 100 m final. usain bolt breaks his own olympic record, 9.63 seconds. that is a blink of an eye. he defends his title as the fastest man in the world, the only other person to do that with back-to-back wins, was carl lewis back in the 1980s. and yes. it is contagious. and prince harry, the royal getting involved in it. team five, the usa gymnastic's team. it is contagious when you're the fastest man in the world. our local athle
. nightly news from london begins 18 months away. nightly news from london begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt reporting tonight from the olympic summer games in london. >> good evening from the international broadcast center. it is a huge night of celebration here where the summer games draw to a finish with a much anticipated closing ceremony. while things here are winding down at home the run for president is winding up. as mitt romney and his running mate paul ryan are on the road hoping to keep the momentum going. as the new duo tries to seize the debates obama is in play. joining us from wisconsin outside of milwaukee. >> reporter: good evening. yesterday of course voters awoke to the news that mitt romney chose paul ryan as his running mate. today president obama jumped into the parade. day two of the romney/ryan ticket and the uproar surrounding the number two continues. excitement and enthusiasm from the right and attacks from the left. >> in this critical time one of the few that stood out and fought for
studios overlooking the olympic park in london. coming up in this program, the trial for murder of the wife of former high-flying chinese politician bo xilai has just ended after one day. two million people have been affected by severe flooding in and around the philippines capitol manila. bolt the bullet, trying to make it a sprint double. and we talk to one of india's big medal hopes, world boxing mary cobb who has had to settle for a bronze. the women's marathon swimmers is just starting in london. britain's carey anne payne is one of the favorites. welcome to "bbc world news" at the london olympics where speed is, once again, of the essence. usain bolt will defend his 200 meter sprint title. day 13 will also see the crowning of the first ever women's olympics booking champion. we'll have all the latest, but first other news. we go to china where a court case with huge political implications has ended after just one day. gu kailai, former wife of bo xilai is charged with murdering neil heywood in a case that has grabbed international headlines and toppled her husband from the
wrong. >> a showdown in london tonight. beach volleyball has created a lot of buzz at the games in london and tonight the women's competition will wrap up with what promises to be a spirited finale. phil rogers joins us live from london with more. hi, phil, how are you? >> reporter: we're doing good. as you watch this match tonight keep two things in mind. no matter who wins history will be made and the united states is guaranteed to win a gold medal. it will be a nice at the beach tonight for the united states. the scene of an all american show unfor beach volleyball gold. two-time defending champs kerri walsh jennings and misty may trainer against olympic rookies. >> we've been on the podium once this year and we haven't been on the podium with them at all so a nice experience to hear the national anthem. >> reporter: no anthem for the u.s. men's indoor volleyball team. they were eliminated in the quarter finals by italy. still in the hunt the u.s. soccer women looking to avenge a world cup loss with an encore match-up tomorrow against japan. >> definitely redemption but also
the world's second most populous nation, tens of millions remain in the dark. jim maceda, nbc news, london. >>> now to the conflict in syria. it's been going on, as you know, for 17 months. and this all out battle for the northern city of aleppo is now in its 12th day. and tonight, our chief foreign correspondent richard engel has learned of a development in that battle that may be a turning point for the rebels. richard is with us again tonight from inside syria. >> reporter: good evening, brian. rebel sources tell nbc news that for the first time in this conflict the free syrian army has been armed with nearly two dozen shoulder fired anti-aircraft missiles. that they came in from turkey. rebels hope this is the first batch, and say their effects will be felt soon. for days in aleppo, and throughout this war, syrian troops have had total air superiority. that is now changing. and the new anti-aircraft weapons could help their battle for aleppo. the syrian government promised to make quick work of what it called the terrorists in aleppo. but the rebels are holding on. the rebels today bat
in london as there are threats tour arrest mr. astonished -- to arrest mr. astsange. hello and welcome to gmt. i'm george alagiah. pakistan both the military under tax. they stormed the air force base near islamabad. the duke of edinburgh is being treated for a bladder infection, the third time he's been in the hospital in less than a year. it's midday in london, 7:00 in the morning in washington, 6:00 in the morning in quito, ecuador, where an announcement is expected on whether to grant political asylum to wikileaks founder julian assange. he is in the country posing london embassy to avoid extradition to sweden to face sexual assault allegations. he says the case is politically motivated. even before the decision is made public, it has led to a diplomatic row between britain and del prado. -- between britain and ecuador. >> it is nearly two months since julian assange enter this building in london which houses the embassy of ecuador. he asked for asylum. been trying to avoid extradition to sweden where he's wanted for questioning in connection with sex crimes. >> move away. >> a num
is here in london with us with the very special profile. >> and a little later on, a woman who's drawing inspiration from the athletes here in london. lauren skrugs. >> we've covered her story a lot of months now. she was badly injured when she walked into an airplane propeller last december. we've seen few images of her since that accident. today she will be here for her first interview since that fateful night into she said she's having a good time in london. let's start with the day's olympic headlines. natalie has those. good morning to you. >> good morning, matt, and savannah, good morning once again. one of team usa's biggest days of these games. 11 medals in all, including gold and silver in that exciting a - all-american women's beach volleyball final. >> it is over here in london. misty and kerri, threepeat olympic gold. >> reporter: they are still the queens of beach volleyball. wednesday night misty may-treanor and kerri walsh jennings won their third straight olympic gold medal. >> it's celebration time once again for the golden girls. >> reporter: the pair beat fellow ameri
in london's olympic park, i'm matt lauer with savannah guthrie and al roker. we're winding down but have more ahead. >> we do. we've seen a lot of the royals during the games. the queen out, duke and duchess of cambridge, prince harry. we will catch up with all the royal highlights in a few minutes. >> then an olympian shows off her other talent. singer natalie coughlin, one of the most decorated female olympians. turns out she's a gold medal winning chef. she will show us those talents in the kitchen in just a little bit. >> can we just say good morning right now to someone who made history at these games, claressa shields. 17 years old, she will go down in the history books as the first woman to win a gold medal for the united states in boxes, correct? >> thank you. >> congratulations. >> how does that feel? >> it feels unbelievable. it feels unreal. i still think i'm dreaming a little bit. >> do you think this boxing team put on a good enough show so boxing will stick around. >> i got a gold medal. she got a bronze. we came here to do our best. i think i did a real good performance. >
and the stanford, cal rivalry is alive and well at the olympics. tracie potts joins us from london where it is 8:00 on sunday morning. hello. >> good morning from here in london. there have been so many winners here at the olympics. when you win the same event twice like usain bolt, when you win three times in a row, that is considered a record. but when you win the same event five times, that's incredible. >> you can stamp the gold medal made in the usa. >> the u.s. basketball team claims its fifth gold medal with the victory over france. >> the journey didn't start today. it started years ago. so i'm just really happy. >> a big victory for the united states. >> five in a row for the women's 4x100 relay. >> it was phenomenal to run on the final night of the games and bring home gold to the u.s. >> reporter: and david boudia bounced back from dead last to win ending a 20-year medal drought. >> i'm so astonished right now. i can't believe this is gold. >> the men's 4x100 relay team tried but couldn't beat the world's fastest runner. >> they got a lot of work to do. but, you got the stay positive.
in london. gabby douglas gets the gold. aly raisman is dealing with a narrow defeat. >> it's just about 8:10 in the morning there, how is it going? >> it's going well. happy friday morning to you. you talk about the joy and the pain, that's what makes the olympics so captivating. in terms of gabby douglas, at 14 years old, just a couple years ago, she left her home, left her family in virginia, and moved to iowa to train at a better gymnastics facility. the commitment these girls have are amazing here. just a couple days ago, we spent time with the entire team usa gymnastics. they're growing up right in front of our faces, really. gabby thrilled with the team gold medal she won. and now gold medal number two. bottom line, she was flawless in her performance. her individual performance and really if you saw it right here on our coverage, there was no debate. her parents, coaches, teammates and everyone around the world looking on, witnessing the birth of this new american superstar. she becomes the first ever african-american to win a gymnastics gold. she wants to be a role model for all g
doug at london landmarks. dan hellie joins us after the break. [ male announcer ] in 1996, president clinton and a bi-partisan congress helped end welfare as we know it, by requiring work for welfare. but on july 12th, president obama quietly announced a plan to gut welfare reform by dropping work requirements. under obama's plan, you wouldn't have to work, and wouldn't have to train for a job -- they just send you your welfare check. and welfare to work goes back to being plain, old welfare. mitt romney will restore the work requirement, because it works. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. not just between two political parties, or even two people. it's a choice between two very different plans for our country. governor romney's plan would cut taxes for the folks at the very top. roll back regulations on big banks. and he says that if we do, our economy will grow and everyone will benefit. but you know what? we tried that top down approach. it's what caused the mess in the first place. i believe the only way to create an economy built to last is to strengthen the
are also available in 3d presented by panasonic. check your local listings. the london olympics continue on the networks of nbcuniversal. >>> okay. so that's tomorrow. coming up in late night, mary carillo talks with danell leyva following his bronze medal in the men's all-around. as we leave you tonight, a look at the medal ceremony for the 4 and 200 relay. left to right, there they are. they did it in olympic record time. missy franklin, dana vollmer, shannon vreeland and allison schmitt. the silver to australia and the bronze to france. >> ladies and gentlemen, the national anthem of the united states of america. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] [ cullen ] take a day off? i don't even take a morning off. [ danell ] i haven't ordered dessert in two years. [ gwen ] you know that best selling book everyone loves? i haven't read it. [ carlos ] i haven't watched tv since last summer. hey, i've been busy. [ breathing heavily ] [ male announcer ] citi is proud to sponsor our dedicated u.s. athletes, every step of the way. to experience the ultimate expression of power -- c
for by nbc-universal television ♪ >>> good morning, and welcome to "today" and london's olympic park on this saturday morning. i'm lester holt. >> and good morning. i'm tamron hall. this is, by the way, being called super saturday here in london, with 25 gold medals up for grabs in 11 different sports, and we are counting. i've got my list. >> we are counting. people keep saying, we've done this, we've done this. well, you and i haven't done anything. >> i was pumping iron. that's how i started my day. >> i haven't own any medal here. swimming wraps up tonight. the aquatics centre was the place to be last night. the duke and duchess of cambridge as well as the u.s. men's basketball team on hand and michael phelps in the race. we'll talk to three americans who walked away with medals, danging right there around their necks, including 15-year-old sensation katie ledecky. >> all smiles this morning. also ahead, you mentioned the royals, lester. they've been having a grand time at these games. coming up, we'll hear from princes william and harry about their olympic experience so far, inc
michaels for dan patrick and our crew, talk to you tomorrow from london. shooters, southern. >> eight teams in this competition, and team usa leads in shot blocks. this is near the the point position. they work on across deeper. t is kami craig trying to shake >>> they helped propel the u.s. to the gold medal games. the refinery fire in richmond could cost you. we hear from the experts on how much more you should prepare to pay at the gas pump. >> and crime on campus. the investigative unit uncovers violence at bay area schools that is going unreported. see why what you don't know could end up hurting your child. >> good afternoon. we are on with you a little earlier than usual and will be during the entire olympics. >> that's right. nbc bay area news will begin right after daytime olympic coverage bringing you special reports from london and profiles of our bay area athletes. we begin with the very latest from the fallout from that massive refinery fire in richmond. today, three refinery workers are recovering from minor injuries after that fire. an internal investigation is now underway
park in london, england. >> good morning and welcome to "today" on this thursday morning here in london's olympic park. i'm savannah guthrie. >> and i'm matt lauer. >> good morning. you want to cap off your olympics and you do it the way mist ooe may treanor and kerri walsh jennings did it. it could have been southern california, it was all americans. >> it was a good night to be americans. misty and kerri winning in straight sets. when it was over the dynamic duo could not contain their excitement. we'll talk to misty and kerri about their dance moves and the final match straight ahead. >> it was also all about team usa at the olympic stadium as well. seven medals, three of those gold, highlighted by allyson felix's win in the 200 meters. she was simply overjoyed. i would imagine she's still on cloud nine this morning. we'll catch up with allyson live as well. >> this morning we'll show you stunning images captured by a man who calls the olympic the premiere event for any photographer. ann curry is here with a very special profile. >> and a woman who is drawing inspiration from the ath
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for stanford data breach. >>> week one of the 2012 london games wrapping up and we've seen new world records. major upsets and lots of controversy. >> one of the biggest highlights, the winning performances of our bay you're athletes taking home lots of medals raj is in london. one week under the belt? >> it sounds crazy. we're heading to the final stretch here. a rainy saturday morning here in london. the sun is trying to poke through. one of the best storylines today wire talking about a mother/daughter team. a lot of mom's are out here to support their children in the olympics. this mom is unique. she's here to work. she's a statistician for us here at nbc while her daughter is diving. 26-year-old cassidy krug, phenomenal. she lives on the peninsula and she's a stanford grad. a good opening prooirms. krug advances to the semifinals today or the semifinals if she's lucky enough or fortunate enough she'll advance to the finals on sunday. now how about the hot ticket of the night? the swim something the a-list was poolside. we're talking basketball star lebron james, also here to cheer, will
are disappearing from the streets of london. hey america, even though they don't need one, wes, clay and demarcus tried on the new depend real fit briefs for charity to prove how great the fit is even while playing pro football. the best protection now looks, fits and feels just like underwear. get a free sample and try one on for yourself. >>> and my co-anchor bill weir joins us now from london with the late fres the olympic games. bill? >> reporter: terry, twas another day of liquid gold. missy franklin and michael phelps win in the pool. and a fresh face to root for tonight and behind. 15-year-old katie ledeki won gold in the 800 meter free. american women's soccer team win. and team usa is atop the medal board. i have to an admit, i with was looking forward to phoning in the results from an iconic red phone booth, but as judy foudy tells us, times are achanging. >> reporter: never mind the queen there is another british icon that could use help from above. the red telephone booth, so convenient, to british, so red. seems like they are on every corner here in london. but their days could be nu
they are trying to overcome. andrea mitchell, nbc news, washington. >>> now to the games here in london. the focus today on the track and in the sand where the u.s. was guaranteed a gold medal in women's beach volleyball tonight because the final was one u.s. team versus the other. as we send you over to kevin tibbles, who has been covering all of it across town at olympic park, our standard spoiler alert warning applies, the following two minutes of reporting contains results. kevin, with that hand-off, take it away. >> reporter: well, brian, they have never lost at the olympics, not even one match, and tonight was no different for the queens of the beach. tonight on the california beach where kerri walsh-jennings and misty may-treanor honed their skills, it was game on. while at the picturesque horse guard parade in london, the reigning champs dominated fellow country women april ross and jenn kessy from start to finish. the third straight olympic gold for the queens of the beach. >> tonight we're going to celebrate this amazing win. we went out on top. >> reporter: handshakes and hugs all aroun
engineers. >>> the olympic games are a good p.r. opportunity for london's cultur visitors found some unusual art in the streets around the olympic venues in east london. mhk world reports. >> reporter: i'm here in east london, and everybody is looking at hussein bolt. an australian artist painted this mural in time for the olympics opening ceremony. it's become a tourist attraction in east london. >> this is by an artist from bristol. >> reporter: tourists featuring graffiti are also seeing a spike in interest. east london is a magnet for young aspiring artists with its cheap rents and multi-cultural scene. the walls of shops and houses now have their original interpretations of the olympic games. >> i thought it was really neat to see how a lot of these pieces were just recently done. >> you definitely see london in a different way, so it was a really good look at the part of london that as a tourist you don't normally see. >> reporter: building owners usually think of graffiti as a problem, but in some cases, it can actually increase the value of the property. the people of london will rem
nightly news" from london begins now. >>> this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams reporting tonight from the olympic summer games in london. >>> well, good evening from london. tonight we begin right back in the united states with the news that arrived this afternoon that there had been another terrible outburst of violence, a shooting, a bad one inside a sikh temple in suburban milwaukee. there was a lot of confusion initially as police responded and the first victims there were air lifted out. tonight the details have become a bit clearer and this initially is being treated as an act of domestic terrorism. nbc's john yang is at the scene and starts us off in oak creek, wisconsin. good evening. >> reporter: the description of domestic terrorism comes from local authorities. the fbi is now on the scene, as well. law enforcement officials are telling nbc news details about this alleged gunman. they say he is a man in his 30s. he was wearing tactical gear, armed with a single handgun. right now officials are searching what they believe to be his home looking for clues about his motive
be over but the celebrations are just beginning. we'll go live to london for the final night of the summer games. >> good evening. i'm diane dwyer. we're about two hours from the closing ceremony of the 2012 london olympics. it's been 17 days of world records, celebrations, heartbreaks and controversy. before the athletes could get ready for the ceremony some had to compete on this final day of the games. now more on the competition and what we can expect tonight. hello, phil. >> reporter: hi, diane. it's about a wrap for these 2012 summer games, the competition is now over. so all that's left is a really big party. when these olympics started there were concerns. the weather, security, empty seats. but all of that evaporated by a london fog t country has wrapped itself in olympic pride. thousands of volunteers telegraphing english hospitality. >> britain delivered. we showed the world what we're made of. >> reporter: for the u.s. it's winning the over all medal count. >> there will be no changing of the guard in london. >> reporter: the men's basketball team added to the haul with a win o
world news," live from our studios overlooking the olympic park in london. i'm george al guya. coming up in this program, russia's president putin visits the olympics to watch the judo. and the badminton racket and the top players quit after they are thrown out accused of throwing matches. and coming alive with cycling action. after bradley wiggins' time trial victory yesterday. activists in syria accuse government forces of executing more than 70 people as fighting intensifies in damascus and aleppo. >> hello and welcome. it's day six of london 2012. our first gold medals today are coming from the rowing center. new zealand has just gotten their first gold. there's action , too, in the pool and the badminton match-fixing scandal goes on with one of the chinese players quiting the sport. it's also a day when sports and politics come together. president vladimir putin of russia visits great britain for the first time in seven years. mr. putin is here to watch his favorite sport, judo. no doubt prime minister david cameron will want to talk about syria at a meeting in downing street. in sy
their expectations. juan is determined to help these people restore their lost hope. >>> london has long been known as a city of high culture. it has gotten a splash of new street culture to keep the memories of the olympics alive. we have more from london. >> reporter: i'm here in london and everybody is looking at usain bolt. an australian artist painted this must recall in time for the olympic ceremony. it's become a tourist attraction in east london. >> this is by an artist from bristol. >> reporter: tourists seeing graffiti are seeing a spike. east london is a magnet for young aspiring artists with its cheap rent and multikolture themes. they now have their original interpretations of the olympic games. >> it was really neat to see how a lot of these pieces were just recently done. >> i'll definitely see london in a differen way. it was a good look at the part of the london that you don't normally see. >> reporter: buildings owners think of graffiti as a problem. in some cases it can increase the value of their property. the people of london will remember the olympics for many years to come. g
teammates for a total of four golds and one bronze medal in london. true to her nickname, missy the missile. the baltimore bullet, katie ledecky showed herself to be another young phenom last night, with a stunning upset of the reigning world champion, serving notice that the youngest member of team usa is here to stay. >> i'm 15 so i think i can definitely continue on for four more years at least. >> reporter: history was made, as well, at the opening day of track and field. a deafening ovation for south african oscar pistorius, making a run for the record books as the first double amputee at the olympics. >> and pistorius finishing in second place. >> reporter: he had overcome not only his opponents but years of legal battles and qualified for the 400-meter semifinals. >> thanks for the crowd, it's been absolutely amazing. >> reporter: crowds cheered for the first appearance for usain bolt. the world's fastest man advanced to the 100-meter semis. and a lightning fast serve helps serena williams capture the one title missing from her impressive tennis resume, olympic champion. her reaction
of people after a tragedy. coming together in a show of peace and unity. >>> here in london at the olympics, the curse of the baton. what that handoff has done to give team usa such trouble. luckily their successes roll on, so does "nbc nightly news" from london. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> and good evening. in a matter of days, when the olympic flame and the stadium behind us here is put out and the nonstop television coverage signs off, and the summer of 2012 continues and thoughts turn to politics, in a matter of days we will know mitt romney's choice for a running mate. some new polls just out show romney may face a bit more of an uphill race than he expected right now. the gop convention, their chance to show off their candidate, their ticket begins in 17 days. we start off with the state of the race tonight and our chief white house correspondent and political director chuck todd. >> trailing in the polls, the romney campaign hopes the announcement of a vice presidential running mate will give them a shot in the arm and a chance to relaunch. >> i certainly expect
world news." live from our studios overlooking the olympic park in london. coming up, on track and on field. the olympic stadium opens up for athletic action. a stunning victory for germany on the lake. the british cyclist edmonton to crashing deliberately to force a restart, but is it cheating? as the u.n. prepares to vote on a resolution condemning the security council over syria, evidence of secret training camps. >> they do physical training and weapons tradintraining. >> hello and welcome. a beautiful, sunny day in london. the day when perhaps the most high profile competition, the athletics, takes place in the stadium. special restrictions have been put in place. even a nearby shopping center has been closed but all but to get holders to stop overcrowding. only two gold medals will be one in the stadium today. francis's here. good to see you. what has been happening? >> the buildup has been intense. we can hear the roars from the stadium. germany took the gold in the men's squad. that was beating croatia. they led from start to finish. they blew away the competition. not
, 100,000 drummers to beat out, we will defeat new synchronized morse code. well, the london olympics seize your autocratic perfection and raises you the power of freedom. from giant ghost babies to a tribute to the flying bicycle, from kenneth branagh's smug approval to mr. bean's devastatingly entertaining total incompetence. oh, bean, you should be fired. the u.k. painted with all of freedom's colors including the queen of danger, double o, oh no you-- geronimoooooooo base hilarious is the head who wears the crown. it was an incredible, cheeky at times, poignant spectacle. (laughter) very moving. except, of course, for the american audience. >> nbc editing out of the opening ceremoniesing a tribute, a dance tribute to the victims of the 77 london subway bombings and instead ran a ryan seecrest interview with swimmer michael phelps. >> jon: and when will the honor the victims of that? (laughter) are you-- kidding? >> nbc, the network that so commemorate 9/11 actually re100-- reruns 9/11, you wouldn't air a six minute tribute to the rest of the world terrorist victims. because the wo
into a beautiful morning here in london after a couple showers that caught us off guard. no harm no foul. take a look at the crowds thered here at olympic park our home away from home for these two weeks of olympic games. on the set is matt lauer with savannah guthrie and al roker. coming up -- that is a lot of people. >> they expect 30,000 people to come through the park today at least. >> we have track and field under way so the olympic stadium is getting busy. coming up, the golden girl with the golden smile. >> who are we talking about? the golden gabby. gabby douglas last night winning gold in the individual all-around. that will go nicely with her team gold medal she got with her teammates earlier in the week. she now joins the other three women who have managed that feat. we'll talk to gabby in a few moments. >> then ryan lochte will be going home with a lot of hardware. we got to see it last night. >> we did. >> very, very cool. he is already looking ahead to rio. today's his birthday. we'll talk with him in just a little bit. >> first time as an olympic sport women's boxing gets under
with olympic stars to help us say good-bye to london today, friday, august 10th, help us say good-bye to london today, friday, august 10th, 2012. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >> announcer: from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today" at the olympic games. with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from olympic park in london, england. >>> and good morning. welcome to "today," our final day in london. it's a friday, i'm matt lauer. >> good morning, everyone. i'm savannah guthrie alongside al roker and natalie morales. it's our last day in london. we decide to ride in style. we're not wearing our seat belts but we do have 60 plus members of team usa on board with us this morning. >> that's right. if the u.s. wanted to finish with a flourish here in london, boy, did they do it last night. how about the women's soccer team, they won gold against their arch rivals. two goals. they celebrated an olympic gold metal three-peat. let's try and make our way down. >> we were so excited. natalie and i were at the soccer game. did you cry? >> i cried live. >> if they cry, i cry. when t
, the first african-american woman to win a gold medal. she did it here in london back in 1948. >> the royals have been front and center these games cheering on team gb. which royal would american athletes like to share a spot of tea with. we asked, they answered. >> we'll get to that. but first let's say hello again to bruce jenner. back in 1976, he won the decathlon at the montreal games. these days he's busy keeping up with the kardashians. he's here with the athletes. what's more fun competing or interviewing the people competing. >> it's a lot more pressure interviewing than competing. it brings back some great memories. it's been a long time. i actually haven't been to the games since atlanta in '96. e! our network asked if i would come and do this because they are going to have a presence with e! news. i thought, why not. i would love to come back and do it. i've had so much fun. >> usain bolt, sanya richards-ross before her win. must be exciting. >> we've had some really great ones. i just did jessica ennis in the back, which will be on tonight's show. i was hoping nbc covered it. obv
to "bbc world news" live from our studios overlooking the olympic park in london. i'm george al guya. a test of brotherly love. britain's alister and johnny brownlee are favorites to win first and second in the men's triathlon. >> we'll be reporting from hyde park. johnny brownlee, number 31 is setting pace on lap two of the pike. >> and in other news, manila flooded. brought to a standstill by rain. >> there's shanty towns behind me that have been completely destroyed. they are moving all their possessions as quickly as they can. >> and aleppo as iran launches diplomatic moves in iran and anxious ray. -- and ancra. >> hello, and welcome to day 11 of the london 2012 games. 21 olympic champions will be crowned today in events as diverge as wrestling and others and they hope team g.b. will receive its medals. and usain bolt will be back on the track as he begins defending his 200-meter title, and we will have the blue ribbon's men 200-meter final. some sports like swimming already in their closing stages. our australia correspondent will be here with his assessment on london 2012. for
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